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Best Alternative Websites Like Textsheet

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You are not alone if you have been searching the internet without success for the popular educational portal Textsheet. We will show you some Websites Like Textsheet. Students in high school and college are likely already aware of this useful website.

Is Textsheet Available Today?

Unfortuitously, Textsheet is no longer available.

After Chegg brought a case of Copyright infringement against the online learning platform Textsheet, the latter swiftly shut down its website.

In essence, Textsheet would offer free copies of student feedback currently only available on premium sites like Chegg.

It was very helpful and convenient for students because it used Chegg’s API to find solutions and send them to them. Most of Textsheet’s users had no idea this was happening behind the scenes.

Best Alternative Websites Like Textsheet: For Students


There is hope for the students who this abrupt shutdown has caught off guard. As online education providers grow, students have more opportunities to choose from.

This post takes a look at the 10 best alternatives to Textsheet that can be located on the web, as well as what to keep an eye out for throughout your search and some of the traps that are common among paid learning platforms.

1. Slader

If you are a college student looking for an online homework help service, Slader is your best bet.

It has all the great features that students are used to but at a much lower price. It provides detailed explanations for hundreds of homework problems and answers to the vast majority of test and quiz questions from various textbooks. To find their textbooks, students can use a barcode scanner or type the titles into a search window labeled “search textbook.”

Although the website’s extensive database covers many subjects, its primary focus is on higher-level mathematics, secondary-level mathematics, physics, the social sciences, literature, English, and a few foreign languages.

The system works on Windows computers and mobile devices running Android and iOS.

2. Course Hero

As its name suggests, Course Hero is a “hero” since it has delivered over 30 million student resources.

Course texts and supplementary materials such as guides, research, videos, and study notes are provided. Everything from calculus to English literature to biology to physics is available on Course Hero. It is one of the best Websites Like Textsheet.

Course Hero offers resources like study guides and practise tests for students studying for exams that can be used to gauge mastery of the material. The portal also has a feature called 24/7 Homework Help that connects students with qualified educators and university lecturers for one-on-one guidance.

The cost of a subscription to Course Hero is $9.95 per month. Instead of paying for access to study materials, you can “Earn Free Access” by contributing your own work. It’s a matter of giving something up in exchange for something else.

3. Chegg

You’d love Chegg if you liked Textsheet. In terms of both users and market share, the internet dominates in the USA.

The company is responsible for taking down Textsheet after it was sued for copyright infringement in 2019. Like its predecessor, this portal gives students access to a wealth of study aids and exam information.

Chegg is a great place to find cheap eBooks if you like to read (90 percent, as of our last check). When you’re done with a course, you can resell the textbooks you no longer need. In case you get stuck during your search or need further assistance understanding your issue, the website offers simple navigation and round-the-clock support.

Brand new Chegg users can try it risk free for a week. After then, students can choose from several different bundles tailored to their specific needs. In addition, Chegg offers several helpful services for students both during and after their time in school.

The program is accessible on desktop computers and mobile devices and may be downloaded via the Android and iOS app stores.

4. PaperHelp

There are significant differences between PaperHelp and Textsheet regarding how they work. Most students who access the internet for educational purposes are on the lookout for sample research papers.

Custom papers on a wide range of topics are available here; this service is geared toward graduate students. PaperHelp is a terrific resource for those Ph.D. students who find writing to be a tedious and unnecessary part of their academic experience.

PaperHelp offers a variety of writing services, including custom essays and research papers, for a cost. To have the system calculate pricing, turnaround time, and other factors based on your specific requirements, just input those details. PaperHelp guarantees your money back if you’re not satisfied with the service.

Call customer support and request a refund if you are unhappy with your service. The support staff is available at all times of the day or night to deal with any issues that may arise.

5. Crazyforstudy

If you are a high school student looking for help with a specific subject, Crazyforstudy is a great option. Textsheet is only one example of how the service strives to meet students’ essential needs. The site’s library contains over 50 million volumes and can be easily searched using the site’s easy search tools, which can answer most users’ questions.

The website offers an online practice test for students in addition to the course materials provided. The system is currently being used in Australia as a learning tool for schoolchildren. Therefore, it is a helpful resource for students in Australia. This is the best Websites Like Textsheet in Australia.

This is a brand new service. Therefore the company is offering special deals to get people interested. New customers will be delighted by the low introductory prices for premium learning resources.

6. Studylib

Like Textsheet, Studylib is a fantastic alternative. It has a comprehensive library of study materials and student learning aids, just like the other online learning platforms. Studylib is not as user-friendly for students as the other sites. Still, it’s a great help for solving most problems.

You can easily share your notes and study materials with other users by clicking the “share” button. Users will need to sign up first to access this and other services. Users who have signed up and logged in are given the option of saving documents to Studylib’s servers for future reference.

Studylib’s “flashcard explorer” feature is a novel way for students to study many disciplines, including but not limited to mathematics, science, computer science, and special needs learning.

The service, however free, does require a log, as was previously mentioned. There’s no need to buy any other writing software because the grammar and spelling checks are included.

7. SparkNotes

If you’re looking for supplemental material in areas like English literature, creative writing, or the arts, SparkNotes is the site for you.

There is an extensive database devoted solely to works of literature and the arts, and the site’s primary purpose is to provide writing tutorials. A few reference books offer comprehensive coverage of the works of Shakespeare, Hemingway, and other major authors. No prior knowledge is required, and the learning process is easy and fun. Furthermore, it is one of the best Websites Like Textsheet.

Students benefit from the insightful commentary in the lesson notes since it helps them better understand the topic. The website allows students to prepare for a wide range of exams and homework assignments by providing test samples and quizzes.

Similarly to other study apps, SparkNotes is available as a free download for iOS and Android.

8. Coursera

Especially if you need research papers, Coursera is a better option than Textsheet. The online learning platform was developed by two Stanford alums who set out to streamline the educational process for the average student while also making it more pleasant. Currently, the site has over forty million active members and over four thousand online courses.

Coursera is a fantastic resource for academics because it gives them access to many study materials and tools in one convenient location. The sheer quantity of resources on the site can be intimidating. This makes it perfect for doctoral students looking for sources to use in their dissertations or for general study.

Like many other online learning platforms, Coursera works with both the Android and iOS operating systems.

You may have access to everything for a very low price. In light of the potential benefits, however, this expenditure is prudent.

9. Quizlet

With its extensive library of study resources and courseware, Quizlet is more than just a tool to help students get ready for exams.

With more than 50 million active students globally, Quizlet distributes question papers from more than 150 nations. The portal also has several tutors available to help students with their daily homework.

The site features an array of research paper and essay writing options for its users. Services like these don’t come cheap, but they’re well worth it. Their authors are seasoned researchers and writers, and many are considered authorities in their fields.

Quizlet, as with the other apps on this list, is available for both Android and iOS. So it is also the best substitude Websites Like Textsheet.

During the service’s free trial period of 15 days, all learning resources are made available without charge. Try out the service risk-free for 15 days before committing to a paid subscription. The specialized nature of the service means that you might find a different provider more suited to your needs.

10. Collegeboard

When preparing for the SATs, Collegeboard is the best resource for students. For those studying for the SAT, Collegeboard was developed as an alternative to Textsheet. Some of the world’s top business schools, it presents course descriptions and lecture notes. The website also features SAT-themed tests to help students get ready for the big day.

Collegeboard is not only a great online learning platform, but it also provides students with a great way to buy and sell books at low prices. Advanced mathematics, physiology, and history are just a few of the many potential majors. Moreover, this is the best Websites Like Textsheet.

Collegeboard, like the other apps here, is available for free on both iOS and Android. Collegeboard has a lot more features that are useful for college students and is more affordable than the other learning platforms on this list.

Frequently Askoed Questions

Read this quick rundown of Textsheet’s most frequently asked questions from high school and college students.

What Is Textsheet?

Textsheet was an online educational resource that helped students find solutions to important topics arising in their courses.

The solutions were easily accessible; all students had to do was type in the URL for the relevant course or use the search bar. All that was necessary for students looking for specific information was to type their questions into the search bar, following which they would be presented with answers to questions that were similar to their own.

Students greatly benefited from this technology, which aided their grasp of a wide range of previously intractable topics. Additionally, many student comments might be provided as examples for other students to use as benchmarks.

Textsheet’s widespread adoption as a standard component of college-level coursework and projects was unsurprising, given the software’s extensive set of features.

What Happened To Textsheet?

Over time, Textsheet’s popularity among students skyrocketed, and now millions of students each day try to sign up for an account on the site.

The website’s success ultimately led to its demise. With new users signing up every day, it was only a matter of time before a formal complaint was made for copyright infringement, and the site was shut down.

As a result, millions of students all around the world were left helpless as the website was taken down shortly after its launch.

Is The Service Free?

True, there was no charge for the service. Textsheet’s idea was forward-thinking for its time, yet it blatantly avoided a number of legal barriers. Particularly things like data theft and copyright infringement. As a result, it’s a great place for people to go who need help with their homework or projects for free.

Everything has its price, as the adage goes. Legal action from other websites led to the demise of Textsheet. There is presently no way to access the once-great platform. Alternatives exist, though, and they charge money for their help. A mix of high and low ones.


The loss of Textsheet will not mean the end of similar services for teaching and learning online. There are a number of alternatives to Textsheet, each with its own set of advantages.

Many of the services on the list come at a small cost, as you may have noticed. Unlike Textsheet, they have certain paid plans. Don’t forget that many of these services have limited features in their free editions. The burden of proof then shifts to you to decide whether or not the nominal outlay is justified. In that case, make a prudent choice.

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