Best alternatives sites in 2022

If you and your friends, family, or significant other are separated by distance, you cannot enjoy a movie or TV show together. When Rabbit first launched, it was a great place to host online film festivals and virtual movie parties. On the other hand, Kast has taken over the site and closed it down. Because of this, you should look for alternatives.
In 2019, Kast took over the site from Rabb. Due to financial difficulties at the latter. To establish itself as a frontrunner in the online viewing party market, Kast is now making some serious moves in that direction. Although, there are alternative ways to watch episodes “together” with people who live far away.
Find out what other services are out there than so you can still watch shows and movies with your pals while you’re not physically together.

Want to start watching movies and TV shows online with your family from the comfort of your home? may be a good place to start. The best alternatives to Rabbit are listed here.

Best alternatives sites in 2022

1. Netflix Party alternatives

We can all agree that “Netflix and chill” is a great pastime. Date evenings can be a lot of fun, thanks to Netflix’s wide selection of movies, TV shows, and web series. But what if you get there and it’s too late to meet your date at their house? A Netflix get-together is as simple as turning it on. It’s the best way to enjoy Netflix’s original programs and movies with friends and family. It is one of the best alternatives

If you only want to watch Netflix, this is the right platform. However, you will have access to a lot of information because of the extensive library and frequent updates on this website. It’s now possible to watch videos with a friend while chatting in a group in real-time.

2. alternatives

Do you stay inside when there’s a lockdown? Do you and your closest friend often have to reschedule your movie dates? Have no fear in such a predicament! Using SyncLounge, you may watch your Plex content in sync by playing back synchronized media. Please be aware that this is designed just for Plex users. It is one of the best alternatives

Use this co-viewing app to host a private virtual watch party with a close friend by linking your Plex collection. Because the app doesn’t rely on the Plex server, synchronized playback is high quality. It runs on its server and facilitates group conversations among numerous users.

3. alternatives is another option that could compete favourably with Rabbit. If you’re looking for a way to watch content in sync with your pals, you’ve come to the correct place. Videos from services like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion can be played without hiccups.

When you start playing a video on this site, everyone in your online “room” will be able to watch it simultaneously. Alternatively, you can invite others to watch videos on our platform by sharing the URLs of videos they want to see. A chat feature will allow you to coordinate with other watch team members.

4. Twoseven alternatives

Do you miss watching movies with your family on Friday nights? Because of services like Twoseven, people who must spend time away from their loved ones need not miss out on quality bonding time with their families. It’s a platform that lets you watch videos in sync and have conversations with friends and family members simultaneously. It is one of the best alternatives

The degree of involvement offered by this website is unlike any other. This is due to the fact that it integrates well with webcams, facilitating the sharing of instant feedback. The website’s goal is to provide the best possible environments for watching live, in-the-moment videos with no discernible delays. It works with popular over-the-top services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and YouTube. It is undeniably an excellent substitute for Rabbit.

5. ShareTube alternatives

Everyone knows and uses YouTube, the popular video-sharing website. I mean, who doesn’t love sharing cute animal videos or recipes they learned from Gordon Ramsay’s channel on YouTube with their friends and family? You may also find some great documentaries, travel films, and other types of videos on YouTube. ShareTube makes it possible to view YouTube videos in a group setting. It is one of the best alternatives

It’s a simple service that does a simple job, letting you watch movies with friends in sync. In order to watch the same video at the same time, just create a “room” as you would on any other portal and share the video’s YouTube URL with your group. It also includes a lively group chat feature!

6. Watch2gether alternatives

One of the most well-liked alternatives to Rabbit is Watch2gether, where you and a close buddy can have a synchronized media-viewing and listening session. In addition, you can use this service to coordinate your Amazon purchases with others. When streaming videos, it has a premium sync playback setting that prevents lag.

Keep in mind that video quality and upload speed are two separate factors when watching episodes on Watch2gether. This will make sure that you and your friends have a fantastic time watching movies and TV shows together. The website also features a chat room where you may communicate with other users.

7. TogetherTube

If you’re looking for an alternative to Rabbit that still lets you host a viewing party, one of the most popular options is TogetherTube. Using this site, you may synchronize videos from services like YouTube, SoundCloud, Video, and DailyMotion with your video-watching device. That way, everyone can get together and watch the latest trailer or viral video from their favourite YouTuber.

The best alternatives is TogetherTube, which lets you create your own personal chat room like many other platforms of its kind. Here you can talk to the person you’re watching with in a co-viewing session. Here in the group chat, you may create a playlist where everyone can share their videos. Any subscriber can cast a vote on the latest video offering.

8. Airtime alternatives

Do you want to watch a show with a group of people that live far apart but don’t know how to coordinate it? The Rabbit co-watching website users were left in tatters after the service was discontinued in 2019. Airtime, the new video-sharing platform, will take the place of

You can use Airtime to keep in touch with loved ones while also enjoying your favourite music or watching videos on YouTube. A single piece of media cannot be played while another is being played on the site. Also, you can add your remark with sound. To top it all off, a family of up to ten members can join a single chat room.

9. Metastream alternatives

When it comes to hosting virtual movie nights with friends online, Metastream is one of only a few sites that can rival Improved live sync playback is made possible. The portal’s proprietary technology greatly enhances the live streaming quality for several viewers, so there is essentially no latency. It is one of the best alternatives

You can manage users and their access and also make use of in-app features like video queuing and live chat. The platform is compatible with all major streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., but it does not allow for streaming downloaded content or webcam chatting with audio. In addition to this, it is perfect for group viewings.

10. Rave alternatives

If you need an alternative to Rabbit, you can do just well with Rave. Rave is optimized for use on mobile devices, and you’ll get great results when you use it. You can chat with a friend while you both watch Netflix at the same time. It’s also possible to watch videos together using services like Vimeo, DailyMotion, Google Drive, and others. It is one of the best alternatives

You’ll notice that there are no issues with the synchronized playback and that the quality is top-notch. When the site does provide video chat, it is inaccessible while a video is playing. The ability to sync up our electronic gadgets and jam out together is a huge part of what makes Rave so exhilarating. In general, it’s a great way to access team documents from anywhere.

11. Invited

Trying to find a place to have a viewing party with your digital pal so you can watch videos from Netflix, Crunchyroll, Crave, etc. together? To accomplish this goal, Invited is an excellent platform. Invited allows access to any website viewable in a regular web browser. The picture and sound will be crisp and clear when watching a video together. It is one of the best alternatives

You and a guest can set up a joint viewing area and watch videos in sync with each other. Everyone in the room can take turns operating the browser and surfing the web. Subscription costs are available on a monthly and yearly basis. However, participation is voluntary. However, if you sign up for a paid subscription, you can avoid the wait time (even at busy times).

12. Syncplay alternatives

Isolated in the house? How bored are you, really? It’s time to gather your friends online for a viewing party, courtesy of Syncplay. And It’s fun to bring everyone together to watch something downloaded onto the computer, even if they’re all in different locations. It’s compatible with any media player, such as MPV or VLC. It is one of the best alternatives

Users of Syncplay will all be gathered in the same room, and the portal’s broadcast of your computer’s playback will be shared with everyone in the room so that they can all watch the same video at the same time. Unfortunately, live-chat features or any other means of user interaction are unavailable on this website. On the other hand, this service is perfect for movie buffs with a large group of friends who want to watch movies without interruptions.

13. Parsec

While it’s great to watch movies and TV shows online with loved ones at the same time, have you thought about how much fun it could be to stream video games instead? Both are possible at parsec distances. The site is a great place to enjoy high-quality synchronized playback, even if it wasn’t made for streaming videos and other users can’t manage the playback.

If you can get over the one-way controls, it’s a great choice for watching videos and playing games in rhythm with others. There will be no lag or delay in your video transmission when you invite friends and family to join you in the virtual room. Parsec, like other multi-player game streaming platforms, lets you and your friends chat and interact in real-time while you watch the action unfold.

14. AnimeParty

Anime fanatic? Do you want to go see these Japanese animated features with the members of your Anime club? It’s about time you visited AnimeParty. Anime fans can have a digital watch party with their friends by using this hub to stream and watch their favourite shows together. It’s an easy-to-use system that lets you create personal space for exchanging data with selected individuals. It is one of the best alternatives

The best part is that you can start watching Anime right away because the site has its own collection of videos. To talk to other viewers, use the portal’s group chat function. In summary, the synchronized playback is of high calibre, and there should be no major issues when viewing Anime with a group.

15. Kosmi alternatives

Want to hang out digitally with your pals? Do you want to talk to them like you would at a party, play poker, and watch videos together on YouTube? In Kosmi’s online chat room, users may do everything from watching videos together to talking to each other live through the camera.

There’s no need to sign up for or install Kosmi. Create a chat space and go right into chatting with your pals. YouTube and local video streaming can be played in sync, much like Moreover, you have the option to engage in gaming. To access your space, simply send the URL to whomever you’d like to invite.

16. Together TV

You may easily connect with your loved ones by using the Together TV online platform to watch your favourite shows and movies together. You can use its web interface to watch and share videos from popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and others. It’s a terrific option for watching videos together with others and It is one of the best alternatives

The Together TV app allows you to collaborate with others via a remote screen. You and your friends can kick back and relax in front of the computer while watching videos from this site, either choosing which videos to watch or letting the website choose for you. Use the audio chat feature on Together TV to truly “hang out” with your friends.

17. Synaptop

If you’re looking for a web-based program like for collaborating while watching videos, Synaptop is a great choice. It’s a great way to share the cinematic experience with faraway loved ones. While there is no cost to use the platform, creating an account is required before you can begin sharing your viewing experiences with others.

You can do more than just view videos here, like listen to music or play games. It can also be used for group work at school or the workplace. In a nutshell, Synatop allows users to share any kind of content with others. The streaming services it offers eliminate the need for users to save large files on their devices. It has a library of movies that may be rented or purchased.

18. TogetherJS

TogetherJS is a site that has everything you need to host live streaming viewing party with your friends. What else would you anticipate from a Mozilla Labs creation? Connecting many websites and programs in real time is a feature of this website. It also allows users to watch videos and movies together.

TogetherJS is an open-source framework that allows you to integrate your own tools with other users’ websites in a coordinated effort. First you and your friends need to download the software, and then you may start watching videos and movies remotely. Because of this, they have a chance to join in, and you may all start communicating with one another.

19. Caracal Club

Caracal Club has been suggested as an alternative to by the community. This platform allows you to stream web browsers in a manner analogous to that of Caracal Club works with all popular platforms so you may avoid using a screen sharing service. Parties of any size can be accommodated with the ability to set up both public and private viewing areas.

The host can easily hand over responsibility for the room to the other guests. Video and voice chat are not supported, however text conversation is encouraged. For a monthly or yearly charge, users can enter the site’s private chat rooms whenever they like. Given the restricted accommodation options shown by this portal, this may prove useful.

20. Tutturu alternatives

Like Rabbit, Tutturu is a popular alternative. It’s a social media site allowing you to upload movies and share them with friends. You’ll need to create a room in order to share files, much like with other Rabbit-like services. From Anime sites to YouTube, you can upload anything.

The communal virtual browser is quite easy to take charge of for any member. All of’s essential features, such as separate private and public spaces, simulated web browsers, real-time audio, video, and text chatting, remote passing, and more, are available on this single, unified platform. Both iOS and Android devices can use it. The monthly subscription cost is low but the host must pay it.

21. AndChill alternatives

AndChill, our last recommended alternative to Rabbit, is a website that lets you watch videos with your other visual pals in real time. To watch videos with individuals from all over the world at the same time, you’ll need to set up both public and private viewing rooms. Virtual watching parties are made easy by this technology. It is one of the best alternatives

A simple click will allow you to share any video or audio on this website. You can join a room on the site depending on the content its members are currently viewing, so starting with the public rooms is a good place to be. A great approach to have some lighthearted social interaction with those who share your passions. It’s also easy to send media to loved ones.


It used to be a place where people could “come together” despite being far apart by sharing in the shared experience of watching high-quality video. A virtual theater might be screened on this platform. However, when the site was finally taken down in 2019, all of this activity stopped.

Kast, the new Rabbit replacement site, has a sizable collection in the wake of’s permanent shutdown. Kast is one option for hosting virtual viewing parties for movies and TV shows with far-flung friends; however, many other services are available, such as Rabbit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Rabbit?

In 2014, a website and mobile app called Rabbit (also known as were released to facilitate group video chats. The same content could be viewed and navigated to from different locations, and conversations could be carried on in both written and visual forms. Unfortunately, financial difficulties led to its closure in 2019.

2. Why is Rabbit Down?

In 2019, the video streaming and talking platform Rabbit (formerly known as shut down due to a lack of funding. Approximately a month after the platform’s soft launch, towards the end of July, Kast took over management.

3. Is Rabbit a Safe Website?

In addition to allowing users to stream videos and communicate with one another, Rabbit also had a number of other useful features. No claims of piracy or legal issues led to the site’s closure; financial considerations necessitated its closure. Everything was operational and safe.

4. Is Rabbit Dead?

Unfortunately, Rabbit had to be phased out in 2019. CEO Amanda Richardson announced the closure on her professional network, LinkedIn. In July, the platform continued to operate in a limited capacity, and by the end of the month, Kast had acquired its assets.

5. Is Rabbit Shutting Down?

Rabbit was a popular choice for sharing and watching videos remotely in real time. Due to a lack of funding, the facility had to close in 2019. Kast purchased the platform’s software and patents, essentially becoming the sole owner of those assets.

6. Is Kast The Same As Rabbit?

In July 2019, Kast and Rabbit came to an agreement allowing Kast to purchase Rabbit’s intellectual property. Kast has acquired Rabbit’s patents, rights, and software stack with the intention of luring Rabbit’s users to its video-sharing platform.

7. What To Use Instead Of Rabb It?

It allowed users to upload and share videos, watch them “together” from a distance, and have conversations with both text and video. It was like a website where you could host virtual movie parties with your pals. The site’s closure in 2019 was nonetheless necessary. Apps like Netflix Party, SyncLounge,, TogetherTube, Airtime, and many more are now accessible.

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