How to reverse a video on snapchat

TikTok has recently become an international craze. One of the current crazes on TikTok is reversing videos; anyone can do it without special video editing software. You need just download the right app; most people already have Snapchat. In this post you will know about how to reverse a video on snapchat.

How to reverse a video on snapchat

1: Download the TikTok video on your phone.

There are two options available on Snapchat for rewinding a TikTok clip.

Before attempting to download a video, you need first tap it to determine if the TikTok user has enabled downloads. Typically, the ‘options’ icon will be found directly below the ‘comments’ icon. If you’ve enabled downloads, you can get your gallery’s worth of TikToks in a flash.

If you don’t have access to this feature, you can always use a screen recording program on your computer. This is Option 2. With an iPhone, you can record your screen by swiping up and tapping the record button. Once you’re done recording a screencast in TikTok, the video will be added to your gallery.

2: Edit video on your Snapchat

From the camera screen, you can view your photos by tapping the “gallery” icon that displays just below the “capture” button. Select the footage you want to edit by clicking “Camera Roll.” In the menu that appears, choose ‘Edit Video’ from the other options.

Once the clip has loaded into Snapchat, you’ll be able to edit it as you like by applying filters and other features.

3: Use the tools and apply the filters

After the video loads, swipe to the right to apply the filter.

Snapchat, however, restricts the use of the reverse filter to clips that are 10 seconds or less in length. For longer videos, you can choose from slow, rapid, or super-quick motion, but you won’t find a reverse option.

You can consider many different options for a Snapchat video before publishing it to your followers.

 Let’s see the Alternative to reverse a video

And what do you do if the TikTok is longer than 10 seconds and Snapchat won’t let you delete it? For quick and easily reversing videos, consider these four options.


If you want to edit a video but don’t want to install an app on your phone, there are still options. If you only need to reverse a video once, you should check out Kapwing’s fantastic website.

You can start improving your video immediately after uploading it to the site. You may play the video backward by clicking “reverse video” and adjusting the speed. Once you’re satisfied with your edits, just export the movie to your mobile device. There’s no hassle in uploading the updated video to TikTok.

Bee Cut Video Editor

Bee Cut is one of many video editing apps available in the app store, but it has the most features and options. The movie can be tailored to your preferences with features like overlay, components, filters, and more.

Once the program is installed, users will have access to a variety of editing tools, one of which is a reverse option. As soon as you turn on the function, the video will begin playing backward. The video is complete, the user can quickly export the finished product for use in social media platforms like Snapchat and TikTok.


Download Filme Lite

In a nutshell, Filme Lite is a fantastic program for quickly converting a film into a reverse motion format. Videos for TikTok, Snapchat, or any other social media platform can be edited with a wide variety of straightforward tools.

If you have a video and want to modify it, you can do things like put music in the background, lower the volume, shorten the running time, speed it up, or slow it down. Filme Lite is available for download on the App Store for use on your iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac. Simply load the video file, and you may start working immediately.

Also, iMyFone Filme, a desktop software suite, is available for those who desire a professional video editing tool, while Filme Lite is designed for iOS users. Fast Video mode, the ability to apply more filters and effects, and possibly, even more, may be available in the desktop version of Filme than in the mobile app.


Reverse Video

Video editing has never been easier than with Reverse Video, a free and powerful software.

It has an intuitive user interface and can split a video into three separate movies. To add effects to the video, load it into the program and click the “effects” tab. Because its primary purpose is to provide the reverse function, the program’s reverse button is intuitively placed. Using Reverse Video, you can easily implement a playback-in-reverse function into your videos. The entire process should just take a few minutes at most.

Professional editor to edit video

There is already a wide selection of video editing apps and tools available in the app store. The skillset required to edit videos and add special effects is expanding at a rapid rate. You may expect a problem-free editing session if you use Filme Lite.

The interface it provides is built with universal ease of use in mind. The praise for this helpful tool on the app store is overwhelmingly positive.

Check it out on your mobile device, or get the desktop video editor and give it a whirl. If you want to make videos that look professional and artistic, this small file will serve you well.

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