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Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK in 2022

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK in 2022 - featured image

Online streaming allows watching shows, sports, and movies on any device, anywhere, eliminating the need for a cable subscription. This will be about the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK in 2022.

We’ve researched the web to bring you the best places to watch sports online without paying a dime. These are real places to watch your favorite sports teams play in real-time.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK in 2022

1. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is a well-known platform for watching live TV online, and it features stations from many different countries, like the UK, USA, Russia, and many more. Most athletic events may be viewed on the web with only a single click.

Live games and other relevant data, such as the sport, stream event, and time, are featured prominently on the homepage.

All the many types of sports are categorized neatly on one page. Among the most-viewed sports on the site are baseball, basketball, football, tennis, hockey, soccer, and boxing. It is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK

Note the broken links; many of these streams come from dubious sources. A working link can be found with minimal effort on the website because it provides many connections per stream.

The aggressive commercials on Stream2Watch are common among free sports streaming websites, but they are to be anticipated considering that users can watch channels without signing up for an account or paying a monthly fee. High-definition live broadcasts are available to provide a more immersive experience.

2. NFL Stream

The intuitive design of NFL Stream makes it stand out from the crowd of free sports streaming websites. It’s multilingual, including Italian, Arabic, French, and Spanish support.

It’s a breeze to get answers to your questions about playback after installing the free Chrome extension. Although you can watch your favorite sport on any device with NFL Stream, mobile streaming is a bit slower.

The website’s homepage is also free of distracting adverts and commercial banners. It has a safe navigation system that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for in terms of games. There are other international and regional sporting events.

3. 123TV

123TV lets you watch your team’s games and has a wide variety of other shows for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

With this, you may watch more than seventy different channels, including various sports and shows. A variety of categories, such as “games,” “movies,” and “family,” can be found right on the homepage. It is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK

Fox News, ESPN, ABC, HBO, and many others are among their most watched streams in the United States. Moreover, parents will like the inclusion of Disney XD, Disney Junior, and Nickelodeon, among other kid-oriented channels.

Sports fans love this website for streaming because it has one of the most comprehensive broadcasts of online games.

If you’re looking for a free sports streaming service, go no further. Unlike some competitors, we’ve taken care to strategically place our ads across the page, so they don’t interfere with the user experience.

Mobile device viewing is available without signup, banner ads, or pop-up windows. In addition, you can check the schedule of current and future events to plan accordingly.

4. Loala 1

This website may be based in Austria, but Loala 1 provides a global, region-free version so users can watch their favorite shows and play their favorite games from anywhere.

This is a good alternative if the broadcast rights to your favorite games are unavailable in your country. Because there are so many different football teams worldwide, Loala 1 is widely used by football lovers to watch games online. It is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK

The interface of the website is clean and user-friendly. Unlike many competing streaming services, Loala 1’s front page doesn’t have any distracting commercials or promotional banners. You may watch football, badminton, and tennis matches, among others, by visiting their partner sites.

5. Bosscast

Any major international sporting event is probably available on Bosscast because it is a major live stream platform for sports. But it does what it’s supposed to do, despite its dated UI.

The site features ten different sports symbols, each of which links to a page with a schedule of currently airing live events. It is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK

Football, soccer, boxing, and tennis are just some of the many sports you may watch on the site. You can talk to other sports fans in real time on Bosscast, which isn’t possible on many other streaming sites.

The website does have one major drawback, though. Match replays are not available, as only live games are shown.

Time and roster information for today’s scheduled matches is included. Unfortunately, games on the following or prior day are not viewable on the internet.

Games can be rewatched, and schedules and other forms of entertainment can be found on some of the other sites on the list.

6. Hotstar

Hotstar is not only India’s go-to for online video streaming but also a household name in many other countries. The site caters to parents and kids by offering a wide variety of Disney Channel shows for kids and extensive sports coverage.

Sports including cricket, football, badminton, Formula One, and eSports are quite popular there. It is free and eliminates the need to sign up for a separate service only to watch movies online.

Because there are no distracting ads or banners, the layout is easy on the eyes. The website is designed with binge-watchers in mind, thanks to its straightforward style.

Access to the site is restricted to India, Canada, and the United States, but anyone from any country can see the content using a virtual private network (VPN).

7. SonyLIV

It’s worth it to sign up for a SonyLIV account, which is required to stream content. After completing the account setup process with only a few clicks, you will have immediate access to high-quality streams.

You may enjoy your game or movie uninterrupted as the site does not have any annoying ads or pop-up banners. It is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK

SonyLIV’s massive video library and high-quality video content make it one of the best free sports streaming websites.

SonyLIV’s high-definition photographs are complemented by the site’s professional design and straightforward navigation.

After watching the game with the guys, you may sit down here and watch some kid-friendly movies with your family. It’s a freemium platform where the only outlay is in creating an account.

8. SportLemons

It’s easy for sports lovers to watch live games on SportLemons because of the app’s user-friendly UI and lack of specialist buttons.

Games that are scheduled to be live that day are advertised on the homepage. Time, sport, player names, and links are displayed on individual rows.

Football, hockey, basketball, tennis, baseball, American football, and boxing are all extremely well-liked sports. You are unable to access the live activities for tomorrow, nor can you view the live events from the day before. On top of that, there is no way to rewatch the games.

Live streaming may be viewed without signing up, making it an attractive alternative to services like SonyLIV on mobile devices. Looking for a portable, time-efficient way to watch sports? SportLemons is definitely worth checking out.

9. NFL WebCast

The NFL WebCast merits accolades for providing sports fans with a source of entertainment through its constant online broadcasts. Many sports fans have saved this site to their mobile bookmarks because of its easy navigation.

The homepage is free of distracting advertising banners and other forms of commercialism. The homepage of NFL WebCast features live matches that you can watch at your leisure, making it a great website for sports fans in general. It is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK

Need help getting back to sleep in the middle of the night? A live NFL WebCast game is just a click away. Watch renowned sports channels, including CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and ESPN.

Moreover, the service provides free streaming of the Super Bowl and other preseason games. Enjoy uninterrupted streaming on your home computer or portable device.

10. Fubo Tv

Fans love because of its sleek, professional look, which sets it apart from similar sites. Many binge-watching matches and categories are available on the site. The NBA, the NHL, the Champions League, and many more sports may be viewed without incurring any fees. With the help of high-quality footage, you may get a more accurate feel for the games and then get out to cheer for your home teams.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the services are only offered to residents of the USA and Canada. Access your favorite sports teams and players for free for seven days on this user-friendly website with no irritating ads or other distractions.

It is imperative that the trial time be terminated in order to prevent being charged. Use Fubo’s free trial to find out if you like their service better than other paid or free streaming sites. Any way you look at it, you come out on top.

11. Live TV

Live TV offers one of the greatest audiences among free streaming services on the web, enough to overwhelm the average sports fan due to the sheer volume of content available.

Football, boxing, racing, baseball, and many more are just a few of the many available options. You may search for a certain event, browse through related ones, and learn more about different sports, all from the same place, thanks to its comprehensive library. It is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK

Broadcasts, live scores, results, video archives, and betting are some of the most visited sections of the site. It’s unique among its rivals because you can watch old games you missed.

Compared to sites that only show information about the streams scheduled for the current day, the option to browse upcoming live streaming is a useful bonus.

For its simplicity and ease of use, the website design earns a perfect score of five stars. In addition, you can use the site in up to five different languages.

12. Livescore

As its name implies, Livescore was developed to provide real-time sports score updates to its users. But the site has developed over time, and now it even includes live streaming capabilities.

As one of the first online resources to offer this feature, its popularity has skyrocketed since the site went live. At the moment, Livescore is one of the most well-liked platforms for watching live sports.

Website designers have done a fantastic job of making it easy for sports fans to go to their preferred matches. It offers a clean, attractive interface without any unnecessary extras.

Football, basketball, and hockey are just three of the many widely followed sports. One swipe activates streaming after downloading the app from the Google Play Store.


USTVGO is an efficiently run streaming service that provides access to more than 90 channels. Whether to tune in to a sports game or a full season of your favorite Hollywood show is your call. It is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK

Channels like ESPN, Disney, Cartoon Network, and Golf Channel are available with USTVGO. For your convenience, they’ve split up the chancel into the categories of Arts & Culture, Current Events, and Sports.

Clicking the TV Guide button will also bring up the station’s schedule, including the channel, time, and showtime. There are fewer advertisements on the streaming URLs than on most other sites of their kind. As a result of using a lightweight video player, videos load quickly on both mobile and desktop platforms.

As there are no fancy extras on the site, you can count on a simple interface and access to more than a dozen different live sports channels.

14. Footybite

Footybite is a growing community that connects football enthusiasts all around the world. With a clean interface and no distracting banner ads, Footybite is a cut above the competition. Because of its emphasis on football, it features white and blue.

The homepage also provides links to other streaming content categories, such as soccer, the National Football League, the NBA, the National Hockey League, and Major League Baseball. A notification will show below the corresponding icon if any of the categories have live streams available.

The website has a simple layout that makes it easy to find information, such as which sports teams are available. Live matches for the day are featured prominently on Footybite’s front page (if there are any).

It’s one of our top picks due to the calendar function, which lists all of the future and past games in one convenient place. It is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK

You’ll have plenty of time to settle in before the game starts, as the live stream connection will be made available on the internet 30 minutes beforehand. In case some of the connections are broken, you have access to a variety of alternatives. It’s a great site for sharing high-definition content in an easy-to-use format.

15. TVCatchup

The TVCatchup logo is the most colorful and hence the easiest to spot. The website’s streamlined layout and extensive selection of contact options certainly live up to their claims.

A downloadable program, much to Livescore, is available to make following the action even more convenient. When you first visit the site, you’ll see a message saying that adverts help pay for the server costs, so the service is free.

There are adverts throughout, but they don’t distract from the show. TVCatchup has connections to dozens of channels, including sports, home, and news.

Not only does it play cable channels, but it also plays shows from the United Kingdom, making it a well-rounded option. It is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK

If you need some help deciding what to watch, the TV Guide button is your best bet. Fans of sports, TV marathons and people who stream television will all find this site useful.

16. SportRAR

SportRAR is a specialized portal that provides sports fans with unlimited access to their favorite games. Its popularity can be attributed to its simple web design and intuitive user experience.

Some of the most well-known sports are football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, volleyball, handball, and boxing.

The homepage features a match schedule with status updates showing whether a match is now underway, has been suspended, will resume at a later time, or has been postponed. This is a great service that helps people screen out inappropriate video games.

Matches for a specific date can be viewed by clicking the calendar icon in the site’s top right corner. This feature is a definite plus compared to the other free sports streaming websites on the list.

With just a few clicks and very few interruptions, you can go to your predicted match on this website. It has all the traits people want—easy to use, doesn’t cost anything, and is readily available.

17. VIPLeague

Despite its ominous moniker, VIP League is actually a safe and legal way to watch sports online without spending anything.

However, it delivers on its promise of an easy-to-use interface by giving just that. Over twenty different sports are available for perusal on the main page. It is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK

Wrestling, boxing, golf, tennis, and football are some of the available sports. The VIP League developers made a good choice by not including any ads or banners on the site. Video plays well on mobile devices and loads quickly on desktop computers.

Despite the fact that many Internet service providers (ISPs) have prohibited access to VIP League in some regions, doing so is as simple as signing up for a free VPN.

You can also change the overall look of the site. Since no other free sports streaming sites have this option, it’s a unique and enjoyable touch that gives each user a more tailored experience.

18. Footywire

While “Footywire” might not be the most hipster-friendly name for a sports streaming service, the company’s long track record of happy and loyal customers speaks for itself.

The website’s layout and functions are logically designed and easy to navigate. On the left-hand side of the homepage, you can find the latest player rankings, teams, coaches, the AFL Ladder, and the AFL Injury list.

Not only does it show you the games you care about, but it also tells you all there is to know about your favorite team. Watching just the highlights or the entire game online is a good option if you don’t have much time.

With Footywire’s responsive design and robust search functionality, you can catch up on missed games and plan accordingly. It is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK

The AFL Ladder may be found on the site’s right-hand side, and it is also possible to view the ladder by year, starting in 1965 and going all the way through 2020.

The webpage features some adverts and promotional banners, although they are not intrusive. Despite being strategically placed, these advertisements do not interfere with the user’s ability to enjoy the website.

19. Sportsurge

Most people will remember the name Sportsurge, which is a play on the word “surge” from American football slang.

This is the newest high-quality video streaming website we’ve come across, so it’s still in its infancy. You should definitely check it out if you’re in the mood for something new.

It does what it’s supposed to do, but it doesn’t offer as much sports coverage as the other free sports streaming sites we list. Sporting events in the fields of football, basketball, motorsports, hockey, MMA, and boxing are all open to the public. It is one of the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites UK

There are no banner ads on the main page; however, you may see some while browsing the available streams. This service is different from others in that it does not necessitate signup before you can watch the live video; instead, you just click on the link and watch the video. You must create an account if you want to submit links to Sportsurge.

It’s important to note that it has a streamlined web layout and no unnecessary features. Experience zero latency and zero freezing while playing your favorite games.

20. Fox Go

Fox Go is a well-made website with many channels you may subscribe to. You can watch the game online, either live or through a replay.

The homepage is free of distracting advertisements, giving the site a professional look. To keep up with the latest athletic events, you may watch live coverage right on the homepage.

Channels such as FS1 and FS2, the Big Ten Network, and FOX Soccer Plus are all available for your viewing pleasure. The website’s design is so simple that you won’t waste more than a few seconds trying to figure out how to get around.

If you’re in a rush, you can skip to the best highlights in less than a minute by clicking the highlights button. Plus, you can make it three times as handy on your mobile device by downloading the Fox Go app for enhanced convenience. The application is available for no extra cost.

Such a premium website requires registration using the credentials of your TV service provider. It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to register. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to watch without any interruptions.


These no-cost video-streaming services let you keep up with your favorite teams without breaking the bank. Find a site that streams your content in high definition (HD), has short loading times, and has few commercials.

There are websites where you may watch American and British TV shows without signing up for a subscription. Finding a site that suits your needs is all about taking your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I stream sporting events for free?

To watch live sports online, visit any of the following:

2. What’s the best free football streaming website?

The best football-related content can be found on However, there is a catch: you can only stream it for free for a week. Livescore is a great alternative to Fubo and is available after your trial period finishes.

3. What is the best app to watch free football?

You can watch live sports on the go with Fox Go, a mobile app available in the Google Play Store.

4. Where can I stream live sports?

Live sports broadcasts are available on the following websites:

5. What is the best free sports streaming sites?

What follows are the top three recommended free streaming sites:

So pop some corn, pour yourself a Coke, and enjoy a FREE live game featuring your favorite team. Check out this list of the top 20 places to watch sports online without paying in 2022.

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